Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Talent Show Excerpt

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Sample of Scene Three: The Christmas Talent Show

Alyssa: Now for the talent show! Tonight our four participants, all here from Admiral Elementary School (Note: school name may be substituted), will share some unique talents. Not the usual music and dance routines! Participants, please stand and say hello when I call your name. (Pauses.) Taylor Magee.

Taylor: (Timid.) Hello.

Alyssa: Dean Turbo.

Dean: (Cool voice.) Yo, fans.

Alyssa: Marla Stewart.

Marla: (Answers in a very polite prim and proper manner.) Good evening.

Alyssa: And last, but not least, Kris Ham.

Kris: (Enthusiastically waves.) Howdy, everybody!

All: (chuckle)

Alyssa: Please give a warm welcome to our judges, Miss U. R. Froze and Mr. I. M Serious. (Note: Miss U.R. Froze is a mannequin, a cardboard prop, or a child pretending to be frozen silent.)

Mr. I. M. Serious: (Gives a formal wave.)

All: (Applause and laughter.)

Kris: (Points to judges, elbows Marla lightly and whispers loudly.) Hey, Marla, the judges look kind of stiff tonight.

Dean: (Snicker.)

Mr. I. M. Serious: (Stands from his chair and nods at the audience, then clears his throat. He speaks in a very formal voice.) My associate, Miss Froze, has asked me to do the commentary for the evening. She was out in the cold all weekend and has lost her voice.

Mr. Magee: (To Grandma.) Ooh, the strong silent type, just like my wife!

Mr. I. M. Serious: I, too, was outside in the wind on Saturday, so I –am- lucky to have my voice.

Kris: (Loud whisper.) I thought his name was Mr. I-am-Serious!

All: (Laugh.)

(Talent show continues.)

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Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Language Arts Activities

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa comes with 11 theme-related English Language Arts activities. Here is a sample:

Who Said It? – Dialogue Quiz from Ho-Ho-Helping Santa

Name: ___________________ Date: ______________________

Complete each sentence or phrase of dialogue with the correct name of the speaker listed below.

Characters: a) Taylor, b) Grandma, c) Alyssa, d) Mr. Magee, e) Dean Turbo, f) Kris Ham, g) Marla Stewart, h) Song Cow, i) Santa, j) Mr. I. M. Serious, k) Miss U. R. Froze, l) the reindeer

  1. “It’s hard to wait for this beauty to be built.” ___________________________
  2. “I’ve always wanted a ride in Santa’s sleigh…” __________________________
  3. “Let’s do our first number. It’s a big crowd pleaser.” _____________________
  4. “Where do cows go on vacation?” ____________________________________
  5. “It was a jolly good time!” ___________________________________________
  6. “I-am-lucky to be here.” ____________________________________________
  7. “Now for the talent show!” ___________________________________________
  8. “I hope so, too, it’s a mighty big barn!” _________________________________
  9. (Two non-speaking roles.) ___________________________________________
  10. “All of these shades of red will match fabulously!” ________________________
  11. “That’s why I’m afraid of next Thursday.” _____________________________

Cut off Answer Key:

1. e , 2. b, 3. h, 4. f, 5. i, 6. j, 7. c, 8. d, 9. k and l, 10. g, 11. a

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Song Excerpts

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa! contains 8 original songs and 2 seasonal songs. Now you can listen to excerpts from:

Believe In Yourself (1:15:27):     

Covered in Snow (1:15:27):    

Light Up The Barn (1:15:27):  

We’re Song Cows (1:15:27):  

We Saved the Day (1:15:27):  

The CD with the songs was produced by Cory Miller. You can contact Cory at:

CRM Studios
Cory Miller
Box 326
Frontier, SK
S0N 0W0

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Santa crashes! excerpt

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Sample of Scene Six:  Santa’s crash into Taylor’s barn.

Santa: (Lights still flashing.) Ho-Ho-HELLLLLLP!!!!!!

Cows: (Show alarm.)

Props department must add a dent and bend the accordion fold on the sleigh out of shape. Reindeer run off (or are taken off) set. Stage lights continue to flash as a distraction.

Santa: (Brushes himself off, holds his leg to show pain, then looks to the sky.) Oowww! Rudolf….reindeers…come back!!! Pauses and sighs. O.K., so don’t come back…just don’t tell Mrs. Claus!

(Santa sits with his chin on his hand.)

Cow #1: Holy Cow! Santa Claus is in trouble.

Cow #2: It’s up to us to get help.

Cow#3: Let’s send a message to Mr. Magee and Taylor…

Cow #4: And to cows all over the world. We’ll need their melodies more than ever!

Cow#5: Let’s MOO like crazy!


Taylor: (Wearing a coat and pajama bottoms, comes quickly running up the aisle between the audience in an exaggerated manner in which she lifts her knees high to make it look as if she is running, but is actually advancing quite slowly.) What’s all the bellowing about?

Cows: (Use their noses to point to Santa).

Taylor: Oh my! Oh no! Look at this! You….you…you’re Santa Claus. And you’ve crashed into…my barn!!!

Santa: (Holding his leg in pain.) Owwwww! The lights blinded my reindeer. Yeow! And my team has flown back to the North Pole.

Taylor: (Kneel next to Santa, hands clasped.) Oh…Santa, I’m really sorry. How can I make up for this? Pause. I’m Taylor.

Santa: Taylor Magee. Owner of the barn with the brightest lights in the world. Twelve years of age. Your present is right here in my bag. Reaches…OUCH! (Note: Age of Taylor may be changed to suit child playing the role.)

Taylor: Oh Santa! Don’t worry about my gift. Where are you hurt? What can I do to help?

Santa: My leg. I think it’s broken. Ouch! It’s SO-SO-SO painful! (Say this in a Ho-Ho- Ho fashion.) I need someone with medical training.

(additional script in complete musical)

Covered in Snow (Song #6)

Optional solo by Taylor:

Oh when we went to sleep last evening (head on hands as if sleeping)
We had Christmas on our minds.
Then Santa crashed into the red barn (pound fist into other hand)
His reindeer gone, he could not find. (shake head)

Cast and Choir:

He was covered in ice, (cross arms and hug self as if to stay warm)
And covered in snow (repeat above action)
Yelling, “Help!” (arms up)
Instead of shouting Ho! Ho! (arms around belly)

(additional stanzas in complete musical)

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Characters and Stage

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Characters and Costume Ideas

Note: When winter clothing is needed as a costume for outdoor scenes, light winter clothing is suggested so that cast members do not overheat.

Taylor Magee:
A shy girl who eventually discovers that she has leadership qualities. She wears regular clothing and pajamas in some scenes, and winter clothing in others.
Taylor’s Grandmother. She wears a wig, old-style clothing, and winter clothing.
Alyssa Krizan:
The Christmas talent show organizer. She may wear dressy clothes and winter clothing.
Mr. Magee:
Taylor’s dad and the owner of the barn. He requires cover-alls, farmer cap, work boots, and a winter coat.
Dean Turbo:
A boy whose passion is cars. He wears a ball cap turned backwards, regular clothing, and winter clothing.
Kris Ham :
A boy who loves to tell jokes. He wears outrageous looking clothes and winter clothing. Note: This role can also be played by a girl.
Marla Stewart:
A prim and proper girl who enjoys interior decorating. She wears red matching clothes and accessories, and red winter clothes.
Five Song Cows:
Cows living on the Magee’s farm, who secretly sing and speak. Children wear white sweat shirts and pants with black dots pinned on. Headbands with cow ears can be made out of durable paper. Sunglasses are required in scene five for the Song Cows and the Grade Two choir. Note: To simplify the dialogue of the cows in order to remember their parts, I have them speaking in order from Cow #1 to #5. You may vary this pattern if you like.
Santa requires a regular Santa suit, as well as a cast for his broken leg, made of rolled white Bristol board paper and large elastics to hold it in place.
Mr. I. M. Serious:
An animated talent show judge who takes his job very seriously. He wears formal clothing such as a suit jacket and tie. Note: A girl may play this role, as Miss I.M. Serious, and wear dressy woman’s clothing.
Miss U.R. Froze:
A non-speaking small role played by a child, or a cardboard prop or mannequin. A child may wear warm, layered clothing, and appear to look cold. If using a prop or mannequin, it is fun to dress it in a wig, warm clothes, and long black boots. Note: A boy may also play this role as Mr. U.R. Froze.
Two to eight reindeer:
These small non-speaking roles are played by children who pull Santa’s sleigh. They require reindeer ears/antlers (often available at Dollar Stores), a harness made of rope or ribbon, and brown sweat suits. Children in these roles can be included in a choir.
Nativity Scene Characters (optional):
Two or more narrators, (story may be read or referred to), Baby Jesus (doll), Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Angel, Shepherds, Sheep, Three Wise Men, Choir. More animals may be added if necessary.

Stage Setting

The Sunnyside Seniors’ Home and a barn in the rural town of Admiral, Saskatchewan (name may be changed).

* Stage right = Sunnyside Seniors’ Home
* Center stage = barn
* Stage left = corral

After the first scene the seniors’ home is taken down or pushed aside to create a larger barn.

Detailed description of setting and props are included in the teachers’ guide of the script.

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Song Cow Sample

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Sample from Scene 2: Song Cows

Characters: Song Cows, Mr. Magee wearing a winter coat and hat, Kindergarten/Grade One choir (for large productions). The cows are cool, hip animals that sway in time as they talk and sing to one another. The cows stand throughout this scene.Cow #1: Hey Song Cows, are you in the mood for some moosic?

Cow #2: I love moosic!

Cow #3: Oh yah! I’m always in the mood to sing.

Cow #4: And dance!

Cow #5: We cows have got the mooves. (John Travolta Saturday Night Fever dance move.)

Cow #1: O.K. Let’s tune up our voices.

Cow #2: I’m ready.

Cow #3: It’s my turn to lead. Let’s start with a scale.

Cows: (Sing the scale using moos in opera voices.) Moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo!

Cow #4: That felt good. Now my pipes are warm.

Cow #5: Let’s do our first number. It’s a big crowd pleaser.

Cow #1: There’s no big crowd here. Let’s pretend its Hollywood!

Cow #2: Or the talent show!

Cow #3: If we sing loud enough, maybe Santa will hear us at the North Pole.

Cow #4: He’s the only human who understands the magic of us Song Cows!

Cow #5: Let’s dedicate this song to Santa!

All Cows: Yah! Let’s take it from the top.

(The littlest cow unlatches the corral gate and the cows tiptoe out to center stage.)


We’re Song Cows

Moo- we’re Song Cows! (rolling wrists and extending right hand out, then left, etc.)
Moo – we’re Song Cows!
Moo- we’re Song Cows!
Moo- we’re Song Cows!

Singin’ in the morning (stretch)
And singin’ at night. (head on hands as if sleeping)
We’re snazzy, jazzy Song Cows (swing arms and hips outward to the right, then left)
Making moo-sic sound right.

The farmer doesn’t know it, (shake head)
Thinks that we can only moo.
But keep our little secret (finger to lips)
For you know it isn’t true.

(additional stanzas in complete musical)

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: the Story

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

The Problem

Taylor Magee is dreading the Christmas Talent Show! Her father has offered their barn, complete with cows, to host the show—and he has entered Taylor as a contestant! Worried because she doesn’t think she has a talent, she seeks comfort and advice from her grandmother at the Sunnyside Seniors’ Home.

The Talent Show

The night of the talent show, Taylor waits on stage with her three friends, all of whom think they will win the prize. Alyssa, the M.C., begins the show by introducing two unusual judges, Mr. I. M. Serious, and Miss U. R. Froze. The zany presentations include: Marla Stewart- decorating for the holidays, Dean Turbo- spouting his knowledge of cars, and Kris Ham- delivering cow themed jokes. To add to the fun, a group of Song Cows offers hilarious one-liners and jazzy songs, always out of ear-shot of the humans.

When Taylor presents her speech on Friendship-the Best Gift of All, she stumbles on her words and almost quits. Her competitors urge her to finish. Realizing that their friend’s message has captured the meaning of Christmas, Marla, Dean, and Kris persuade the judges to give Taylor the prize.

The Song Cows’ Secret Plan

After the show, Alyssa confides that she will be leaving Admiral because her nursing job at the hospital has been eliminated. She reminds the group to decorate the barn with Christmas lights for the Sunnyside tour of lights. The Song Cows decide to help Alyssa keep her job, and put a plan into action.

Christmas Eve Crash!

On Christmas Eve, blinded by the multitude of Christmas lights, Santa and his team of reindeer crash into the barn. Santa breaks his leg and the reindeer flee. The Song Cows bellow for help. When Taylor arrives, Santa instructs her to get help for his leg, fix the dented sleigh, and finish delivering the gifts before morning. With her new-found confidence, Taylor calls Alyssa to care for Santa, and recruits her three friends to repair and motorize the sleigh in time to save Christmas.

Christmas Morning

As the friends celebrate on Christmas morning, Santa and Alyssa arrive. Santa praises the children for completing his work, and Alyssa shares the good news that she will retain her nursing job. When asked how this is possible, Alyssa admits that the reason is peculiar. An anonymous rancher in Texas has pledged one million dollars to the hospital because his cows sang to him, urging him to donate money to a small Saskatchewan town.

As Santa prepares to return to the North Pole in his new modern sleigh, he asks for one last favour – for the town folk to sing to him as he flies out of sight, and…to include the vocal talents of the Song Cows!