Alison Lohans

Alison Lohans
Alison Lohans

Early Years

I was born and raised in Reedley, California, and have been writing all my life. At the age of 9 I decided I was going to be a writer, began submitting stories (and learning all about rejection slips) at 10, and was first published at 12.

Middle Years

Realizing early on that writing might not provide a reliable source of income, I completed my B.A. in Music Education (beginning at Whittier College, finishing at California State University at Los Angeles) in 1971, and soon afterwards immigrated to Canada with my first husband. We spent five years in British Columbia, where I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Elementary Education at the University of Victoria in 1976. We moved to Regina in 1976, where I taught beginning band for three years before “retiring” to start a family and work more intensively on my writing. I did an M.Ed. in education, writing my thesis on children’s home practice on a stringed instrument.


I have been teaching Writing for Children courses since 1990 (for University of Regina Extension, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, and for a number of private students). I also give workshops.


In addition to writing, music is an important part of my life. When my son Chris started taking cello in 1993, I fell in love with the instrument myself, and have been an adult cello student since 1996. In 1996 I wrote a musical score for young string players to accompany my first picture book Nathaniel’s Violin, which had 20 or so public performances by Chris’ small string group, the Earlybird Ensembles. I have been a member of the University of Regina Chamber Orchestra, and also play the cornet in the Queen City Brass Band in Regina. I also teach a recorder class for senior ladies. In my spare time I love to practise my cello, play recorder, read, and do jigsaw puzzles.


I have had over 26 books published, in many genres and age levels, from picture books all the way to young adult novels. Several of them have won awards.

Alison is the founder of the Robins and has been a member since 1984.

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Contact Alison at  lohans <at> sasktel <dot> net .

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  11. Happy Birthday, Alison! I phoned your old number this morning–had it in my phone list–and found it’s out of service. Have you joined the cell-phone onlyers? I’ve been negligent in keeping in touch, but want you to know I miss you. I plan to come to CANSCAIP in Sept, but it would be lovely to see you before that. Hope all is well for you healthwise. I see you’ve published several more books since I last looked. Congrats. How’s Chris enjoying univ–still in Edmonton? Same girlfriend? Give my love to the rest of the Robins. Please send me an up-to-date phone and email list when you have time. Have a lovely birthday tomorrow. Love Judith.

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