Collapse of the Veil

Collapse of the Veil, by Alison Lohans
Collapse of the Veil, by Alison Lohans

Author: Alison Lohans

Escaping her home routine for a few hours, 16-year-old Katie grabs her bike and leaves behind her cranky baby, her hyperactive brother and a struggling single mom. Flopping down in a field to rest, Katie brushes the branches of a willow shrub and falls into a dying world far in the future. The few people there cling to their lore–the tales of terrible destruction that befell the earth; the destruction that is about to hit Katie’s home very soon.

Time travel, psychic phenomena and human emotion all play key roles in the juncture of these two diverse societies. Katie must set aside the normal goals of a typical teenager and decide if she can be the one to help save her two worlds.

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