Paula Jane Remlinger

Paula Jane Remlinger
Paula Jane Remlinger

I have been a member of the SWG since I was seventeen. Although a longtime member, it’s been within the last five years that I’ve begun to fully understand and appreciate how many excellent programs the Guild offers. I’ve participated in colonies and workshops, attended readings, been part of the mentorship program (2007), benefited from writers’ group funding, and have had work in Freelance and in spring, as well as other non-SWG publications.

I’ve been part of the writing industry as a writer, bookseller, volunteer, editorial assistant, teacher and scholar, recently completing an M.A. on the late John V. Hicks’s poetry. My own writing ranges from poetry and short stories to science-fiction and children’s literature. Currently, I’m working as a freelance writer and editor in Saskatoon, SK.

I have been a Robin since 2001.


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