The Saskatchewan Children’s Writers’ Round Robin was started in 1983. Over the years many children’s writers have come to write and then flown away to other places or pursuits. Here are some of them.

Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Weyburn (Robin from 1991 to 2013?)

Jo is a retired nurse whose writing grew from a desire to educate her sons about something she knew little of herself…farming. A Prairie Alphabet (Tundra 1992), illustrated by Yvette Moore, has been a Canadian bestseller for over 20 years. Other books are Heartland: A Prairie Sampler (Tundra 2002), A Prairie Year (Tundra 2001), From Far and Wide (Tundra 2000), Estelle and the Self-Esteem Machine (Red Deer Press, 1993) and Grampa’s Alkali (Red Deer Press 1993).

Judith Benson, Saskatoon (Robin from 2000-2011, now living in Salmon Arm, B.C.)

Judith retired from elementary teaching in 2002 and took up writing for children. Her books are: The Noise in Grandma’s Attic (1998 and Butterfly Garden (1999), both published by Hodgpog.

Adele Dueck , Lucky Lake (Robin from 1990-2016)

From her home on her farm, Adele wrote a regular column for Western People for 5 years and twice won SWG Literary Awards. Her books are Anywhere But Here, Nettie’s Journey, the New Calf, and Racing Home, which won a Saskatchewan Book Award in the Children’s Literature category in 2012.

Sheena Koops , Fort Qu’Appelle (Robin from 2006-2012)

Sheena is a high school teacher and life coach as well as a writer. She has written educational picture books and a YA novel,  Voice of the Valley (Orca Books).


Betty Dorion Fitzpatrick, Prince Albert (joined in 1992, left 2008, now living in Kitchener, ON)

Betty is a retired teacher/librarian. Her books are Whose Side are You On? (Coteau 2001), Bay Girl (Coteau Books 1998,  SWG Book of the Year), and Melanie Bluelake’s Dream (Coteau Books 1995).


Pat Armstrong, Sturgis (Joined 1984, left 1998, passed away 2010)

When she joined the Robins, Pat was a retired teacher with a love of writing from childhood. She published the ‘Torchbearer’s Page” as a child in the Regina Morning Leader. She won the Vicky Metcalf  Award in 1989 for the best English short story, “Choose Your Grandma”. She published several books: Mirth and Melody (1994), Wilbur’ s Dilemma (Prairie Lily 1989), Slates, Bottles and Horseshoe Nails (1986), Merely Merriment (1982) and Lost Land of the Caribou.


Mary Love, Regina (joined 1984, left 1991, now lives in ON)

Mary was a storyteller and wrote poetry, drama, travel stories, and “peace” stories.


Theresa Heuchert, Clavet  (joined 1984, left 1990 ?, passed away 2005)

Theresa wrote  YA fiction, non fiction, and historical and travel articles. She wrote a regular profile column for Take Five. She co-authored (with Mary C. Wood) of Mystery of Moodie Manor, In the Graveyard of Monsters, The Mystery of the Fort Furs, and Mystery of the Royal Ring.


Mary C Wood, Saskatoon (joined 1984, left 1989?, passed away 1992)

Mary wrote middle reader fiction, short stories, history, travel, photo and how-to articles. She authored Phantom on the Cariboo Trail and co-authored (with Theresa Heuchert)  Mystery of Moodie Manor, In the Graveyard of Monsters, The Mystery of the Fort Furs, and Mystery of the Royal Ring.


Sigfus Bergmann, Wynyard (1984, left 1989)

Sigfus joined the letter-writing Robins, but left the group once we started meeting in person.


Linda Brooks, Creighton (joined 1985, left 1990)

Linda wrote YA and drama. Books: <still looking!>


Lucille Wolters, Marcelin (joined 1986, left 1994, passed away 2016)

Lucille wrote poetry, junior and historical fiction, and songs.


Shirley Byers Lalonde, Kelvington (joined 1987, left 1999?, living in Kelvington)

Shirley was a freelance writer.  Her books are Cat and Mom Story (1989) and Never Sell your Hen on a Rainy Day.


Bessie Brekke, Estevan (joined 1987, left 1994, passed away 2008)

Bessie wrote articles and short stories and one book: Tales From the Twenties (1992).


Rosalie Gergley, Regina (joined 1988, left 1992, passed away 2001)



Joyce Henderson, Flin Flon/Denare Beach (joined 1994, left ?, passed away 2012)

Joyce wrote extensively for newspapers and was the co-editor of Flin-Flon in Retrospect (1983). She wrote in a variety of genres, although she was especially interested in local history. She co-authored Between Beaver and Athapap (1992).


Sue Bland, Abernethy (joined 1994, left 1999?, living in Abernethy)

Sue wrote and illustrated Madame do Toucainville’s Magnificent Hat (Red Deer 1994).


Beverly Watson, Saskatoon (joined 1997, left ?, now living in Saskatoon)

Sue is a retired nurse who writes juvenile novels.