Saskatchewan Children's Writers' Round Robin


The Robins meet twice a year somewhere in Saskatchewan. Here are some of the places we have been. (In alternating years with only one date shown, the other meeting was at the CANSCAIP Prairie Horizons conference.)

2018– April/Cypress Hills

2017 – April 28/Moose Jaw

2016– April 15/Martensville; October 14/Kenosee Lake

2015 – April 24/Muenster;  September / Prairie Horizons at St. Michael’s Retreat in Lumsden

2014– April 11/Cedar Lodge; October 3/Shaunavon

2013 – April 12/Saskatoon

2012 – April 13/Watrous(M); September 28/Cypress Hills

Left to Right: Adele Dueck, Gillian Richardson, Sharon Plumb, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Linda Aksomitis, Myrna Guymer, Paula Jane Remlinger, Dianne Young, Sandra Davis, Alison Lohans, Judith Silverthorne, Anne Patton

2011 – April 15/ Calling Lake/Fort San, Fort Qu’Appelle

2010 – April 16/Moose Jaw; October 16/Saskatoon


We were given a tour of the historic Mae Wilson Theatre , where this photo was taken.

Back row: Sheena Koops, Sandra Lynn Davis, Alison Lohans, Sharon Plumb
Middle Row: Judith Benson, Paula Jane Remlinger, Anne Patton, Dianne Young, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet
Front Row: Myrna Guymer, Adele Dueck, Gillian Richardson, Linda Aksomitis

2009 – April 17/ Aylesbury

2008 – April 2/Anglin Lake; October 24/Riverhurst

Robins at Riverhurst, 2008

Robins at Riverhurst, 2008

This photo shows us at Riverhurst, near Diefenbaker Lake.

Back: Sandra Davis, Judith Benson, Dianne Young, Adele Dueck, Gillian Richardson, Myrna Guymer
Middle: Paula Jane Remlinger, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Anne Patton
Front: Sharon Plumb, Alison Lohans, Linda Aksomitis
Missing: Sheena Koops

2007 – April 20/Val Marie, near Grasslands National Park

Back row: Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Alison Lohans, Sharon Plumb, Gillian Richardson, Judith Benson, Sheena Koops
Front row: Adele Dueck, Betty Fitzpatrick, Anne Patton, Linda Aksomitis, Myrna Guymer
Missing: Sandra Davis

2006 – April 21/Bruno; October 19/Gravelbourg

2005 – April 22/Wolsley

2004 – May 4/Cedar Lodge; Sept 24/Anglin Lake

2003 – April 4/Moose Jaw

2002 – April 19/Watrous; Oct 4/?

2001 – April 27/Saskatoon

2000 –  March 31/Moose Jaw; August/Denare Beach

1999 – May 8/Watrous

1998 – May 2/Melfort(M); Oct 16/Riverhurst

1997 – April 18/Watrous; Sept 26/Lumsden

1996 – April19/Good Spirit Lake; Oct 26/Muenster

1995 – April 8/Riverhurst(M); Sept 24 (after SK-AB Conf)/Jackfish Lake

1994 – April 30/Saskatoon(M); Oct 21/Muenster

1993 – April 23/Watrous(M); Oct 2/Watrous<

Robins in 1993 (we think)

Robins in 1993 (we think)

Back row (standing): Myrna Guymer*, Bessie Brekke, Dianne Young*, Alison Lohans*, Pat Armstrong, Gillian Richarson*
Front Row (seated): Shirley Byers, Judith Silverthorne*, Lucille Walters, Adele Dueck
The starred names are still in the group as of 2018–that’s 25 years later! (Judith was gone for a while, and re-joined in 2012.)

1992 – April 11/Saskatoon(M); Oct 24/Estevan

1991 – April 13/Regina(M); Oct 19/Muenster

1990 – April/?;Fall/Muenster

1989 – Feb 18/Davidson (M); Aug 19/Regina


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