Timefall, by Alison Lohans

Timefall, by Alison Lohans

Being a single mom at 15 is tough! Biking along the creek, all Katie wants is a few moments of peace away from her teething baby, her bratty brother, her nagging mom, and her callous classmates. Finding a quiet spot to reflect on the unfairness of it all, she sits on a rock–and falls out of the world.

Being the very last apprentice in a centuries-long unbroken line of Seers is unthinkable! Mourning the death of his elderly mentor, Iannik and everyone else can tell he lacks the True Sight to take her place. Without a Seer to summon the T’laaure, the prophesies will go unfulfilled, and the last remnants of his people will face a bleak, directionless future.

Two worlds on the verge of ecological collapse: one already doomed by its lack of vision, the other by a vision unfulfilled. Can a group of teens find each other–and more importantly, themselves–in time to save at least one world?

Timefall is a new version of the book previously published by Five Rivers Press, which was an extensively revised and updated version of Alison’s two previous novels Collapse of the Veil and Crossings.

You can order it in papberback and Kindle formats from:

See some exciting reviews and more at Alison’s website.

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