Ollie Buggins, Detective? by Gillian Richardson

Ollie, Buggins, Detective? book cover

Olllie Buggins is part bloodhound—but is he brave like Sherlock Bones (um…Holmes)?

His boy, Harry, thinks so. At their new country home, Ollie is expected to sleep in a doghouse, even in a thunderstorm! But there are strange new smells. Spooky noises! Shadowy figures! If he can’t solve these mysteries—even with help from a pair of zany crows and a wisecracking scarecrow—will Harry think he’s a coward? Meet Ollie, the reluctant dog detective, and his animal character friends in this chapter book mystery for ages 6-8.

See Gillian’s website for some great reviews!

Ollie is available to buy all over the place! Find your favourite store at https://books2read.com/OllieBuggins

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