Saskatchewan Children's Writers' Round Robin

The Lion and the Mouse, by Linda Aksomitis

When the circus comes to Gopher Gulch, Mouse thinks it might be a good home. Lion, however, wants to escape from his cage in the circus to be free. When … Continue reading

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Take Me With You, by Gillian Richardson

A gift of friendship brings unexpected rewards. As a young hummingbird delays facing his first migration south, he comes across a timid wood mouse fleeing a gang of cats. Humm … Continue reading

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Ollie Buggins, Detective? by Gillian Richardson

Olllie Buggins is part bloodhound—but is he brave like Sherlock Bones (um…Holmes)? His boy, Harry, thinks so. At their new country home, Ollie is expected to sleep in a doghouse, … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood, by Linda Aksomitis

In this easy adventure book, Little Red Riding Hood loves to be helpful. So, even though there’s a wolf in the magic forest, she agrees to cross it to take … Continue reading

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Two 3-star CM reviews for Alison Lohans

CM Magazine has reviewed two of Alison Lohans’ recent books, Dog Alert and Germy Johnson’s Piano War. About Germy Johnson:   Germy Johnson’s Piano War is a fun story about … Continue reading

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Alison Lohans’ book Raspberry Room on!

    Tumblebooks is an interactive reading site that helps kids of all ages learn to read. Now you can read Raspberry Room, by Alison Lohans, on this fun website. … Continue reading

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Dog Alert, by Alison Lohans

Author: Alison Lohans Publisher: Pearson (New Zealand) 2011 Series: Nitty Gritty Novel Series 0 ISBN 978-1442-5413-6-8 Zoe is accustomed to getting around in her wheelchair and doesn’t let her disability … Continue reading

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Germs invade the Book and Brier Patch!

Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan was published by Scholastic in 1992 and was widely used in Grade 3 classrooms across Canada. When it went out of print and Alison Lohans kept … Continue reading

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