Necile Saves Baby Claus, by Linda Aksomitis

Necile doesn’t know the baby she finds near Magic Forest, and adopts, will grow up to become Santa Claus. Indeed, he’ll spread the magic of Christmas around the world.

Magic Forest and the people world existed side-by-side. But many years ago, those in the people world couldn’t see Magic Forest. However, those in Magic Forest could see through to the other side. Necile has been helping the people world for centuries. Indeed, she built a cairn in the people world and has been sneaking through the barrier to leave food by it, especially during the winter.

One day, Necile finds a baby beside the cairn. The Great Ak has forbidden everyone in Magic Forest to interact with the people, but she takes the baby home anyway. The baby, who Necile names Claus, is allowed to stay and is raised in Magic Forest by the nymphs and elves. When Claus discovers he’s adopted, he wants to learn more about the world he came from. He especially wants to make the children happy, so starts on his lifetime mission to do just that.

This Christmas story beginner reader is based on the book, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, by L. Frank Baum. It has vivid illustrations and a grade 2 reading level, to make it easy to help children increase their reading skills with parents looking for easy books. It’s also a great adoption book to share with kids.

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The Turtle and the Rabbit, by Linda Aksomitis

Turtle and Rabbit decide to race through Magic Forest to Princess Jess’s birthday party. Rabbit can run much faster, but will he win the race?

This easy reader chapter book retelling of the Aesops Fable The Turtle and the Rabbit (Tortoise and the Hare) is set in the old west. It’s a fine summer day, but neither Turtle or Rabbit have anything to do. Luckily, Crow solves the problem by inviting them to a birthday party at the castle in Magic Forest. Rabbit isn’t sure he wants to go until Turtle, thinking that Rabbit is sad his friends have left him behind, says she’ll race him to the party. Crow even bets Rabbit that Turtle will win–they each bet their piece of the birthday carrot cake as a prize. Soon, all the forest creatures hear about the race and the bet.

Rabbit, of course, is much faster, but will he win the race in this beginner reader adventure book? Will he stay focused on the goal, or find other things to distract him since he feels he’s guaranteed to win? Does Turtle really know another way to the castle that might be faster?

This is Book #4 in Linda’s Magic Forest Adventures series. Available in Kindle format on

The Three Little Pigs, by Linda Aksomitis

The Three Little Pigs, by Linda Aksomitis

Can the three little pigs build a strong playhouse? Or will it fall in when the bully, big bad Wolf, shouts, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in?”
The three little pigs live in Magic Forest, but they’re always being bothered by that bully, the big bad wolf. After they sneak away to visit the old west town, Gopher Gulch, and find he visits there, too, they decide it’s time to build their own treehouse to keep the wolf out. However, the three little pigs only like to do easy things. Beginning readers will enjoy this easy to read, highly illustrated, retelling of the classic Grimm’s fairytale of the three little pigs & the big bad wolf. Its theme, the benefits of hard work, is based on old west values that still hold true today.

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The Lion and the Mouse, by Linda Aksomitis

Cover of The Lion and the Mouse

When the circus comes to Gopher Gulch, Mouse thinks it might be a good home. Lion, however, wants to escape from his cage in the circus to be free. When the circus tent blows away in the tornado, Lion gets his wish, at least for the time being. Mouse, however, is left looking for another place to make her home and soon runs into Lion where he’s hiding in the Magic Forest.

Will the brave little mouse keep her freedom? And if she does, will she ever be able to repay Lion for letting her go? Will Lion be caught with all the other animals, so he has to return to the circus? Or will he find a new home too?

Based on the Aesop’s Fable, The Lion and the Mouse, this chapter book fable retelling takes beginner readers into the old west when circuses first began. If you’re looking for children’s books on values, you’ll find its themes of kindness, and helping, inspire young readers.

This is Book #2 in Linda’s Magic Forest Adventures series. Available in Kindle format on

Take Me With You, by Gillian Richardson

Take My With You cover

A gift of friendship brings unexpected rewards.

As a young hummingbird delays facing his first migration south, he comes across a timid wood mouse fleeing a gang of cats. Humm rejects Nothing’s plea to carry him away, but offers to guide the mouse overland to safety. Their unlikely friendship becomes a test of courage as they discover how to help each other. With the cats in hot pursuit, they must trust another new friend to make their final watery escape possible. Humm gains the confidence needed for his solo migration. Nothing has a safe new home. Both know they would never have made it without the other. Travel with these spirited animal characters in this chapter book adventure for ages 6-8.

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Ollie Buggins, Detective? by Gillian Richardson

Ollie, Buggins, Detective? book cover

Olllie Buggins is part bloodhound—but is he brave like Sherlock Bones (um…Holmes)?

His boy, Harry, thinks so. At their new country home, Ollie is expected to sleep in a doghouse, even in a thunderstorm! But there are strange new smells. Spooky noises! Shadowy figures! If he can’t solve these mysteries—even with help from a pair of zany crows and a wisecracking scarecrow—will Harry think he’s a coward? Meet Ollie, the reluctant dog detective, and his animal character friends in this chapter book mystery for ages 6-8.

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Little Red Riding Hood, by Linda Aksomitis

In this easy adventure book, Little Red Riding Hood loves to be helpful. So, even though there’s a wolf in the magic forest, she agrees to cross it to take some things to Graany.

But then, she meets a stranger–could he be the wolf disguised in a cowboy hat?

You’ll find girls and women who know how to take care of themselves in this fairy tale beginner reader fantasy book for children. And the wolf, well, you may discover there’s another side to the fiendish villain now that he lives in the Magic Forest! Indeed, this Red Riding Hood chapter book fairy tale, retold by a teacher librarian, gives you a new old west folktale spin on the well loved classic short story that’s a great read aloud fairy tale for families to share.

If you’re looking for beginner reader adventures, with just the right amount of tension to keep young readers guessing, this retelling of the traditional Grimm’s fairy tale is perfect.

This is Book #1 in Linda’s Magic Forest Adventures series.

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Two 3-star CM reviews for Alison Lohans

CM Magazine has reviewed two of Alison Lohans’ recent books, Dog Alert and Germy Johnson’s Piano War.

About Germy Johnson:


Germy Johnson's Piano War, by Alison Lohans
Germy Johnson’s Piano War, by Alison Lohans

Germy Johnson’s Piano War is a fun story about a boy dealing with a less-than-ideal situation. J.J. is a little stubborn, very creative, and ultimately, he pushes through and accepts the lessons he has because he knows he is not a quitter. This book is a fairly fast read, at only 64 pages, and the quick nature of the plot makes this book great for reluctant readers or for a read aloud.

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About Dog Alert


Dog Alert, by Alison Lohans
Dog Alert, by Alison Lohans

 Zoe’s story is told directly; there is no stopping to muse upon the plot points that could be weighed down with “teachable moments” or life lessons. Great for new independent readers, the direct nature of the book is one of the major strengths of Dog Alert as Lohans seems to understand the need to allow readers the opportunity to form their own opinions rather than telling them what to take away from Zoe’s story.

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