The Turtle and the Rabbit, by Linda Aksomitis

Turtle and Rabbit decide to race through Magic Forest to Princess Jess’s birthday party. Rabbit can run much faster, but will he win the race?

This easy reader chapter book retelling of the Aesops Fable The Turtle and the Rabbit (Tortoise and the Hare) is set in the old west. It’s a fine summer day, but neither Turtle or Rabbit have anything to do. Luckily, Crow solves the problem by inviting them to a birthday party at the castle in Magic Forest. Rabbit isn’t sure he wants to go until Turtle, thinking that Rabbit is sad his friends have left him behind, says she’ll race him to the party. Crow even bets Rabbit that Turtle will win–they each bet their piece of the birthday carrot cake as a prize. Soon, all the forest creatures hear about the race and the bet.

Rabbit, of course, is much faster, but will he win the race in this beginner reader adventure book? Will he stay focused on the goal, or find other things to distract him since he feels he’s guaranteed to win? Does Turtle really know another way to the castle that might be faster?

This is Book #4 in Linda’s Magic Forest Adventures series. Available in Kindle format on

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