Crossings, by Alison Lohans
Crossings, by Alison Lohans

Author: Alison Lohans

Crossings is the sequel to Alison’s novel Collapse of the Veil. Together, they make the Passage Through Time Series.

In the first book, Katie, her infant son Tyler, and her friend Lorne traveled a thousand years into the future to a desolate world still recovering from a catastrophe caused by a hole in the ozone layer. They meet Iannick, a young seer with uncertain powers, and learn that baby Tyler is the long-awaited baby described in a prophecy. Somehow Iannick expects them to save his world and its struggling inhabitants.

In the sequel, Kate, Tyler and Lorne must convince people at home that they are not crazy, while navigating their own confusing world of romantic attachments and the future world’s challenges of living without technology. If they can succeed, they just might be able to save the people they’ve come to love and cherish in the future and in the present.

You can purchase Crossings from Alison.

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