Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Language Arts Activities

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa comes with 11 theme-related English Language Arts activities. Here is a sample:

Who Said It? – Dialogue Quiz from Ho-Ho-Helping Santa

Name: ___________________ Date: ______________________

Complete each sentence or phrase of dialogue with the correct name of the speaker listed below.

Characters: a) Taylor, b) Grandma, c) Alyssa, d) Mr. Magee, e) Dean Turbo, f) Kris Ham, g) Marla Stewart, h) Song Cow, i) Santa, j) Mr. I. M. Serious, k) Miss U. R. Froze, l) the reindeer

  1. “It’s hard to wait for this beauty to be built.” ___________________________
  2. “I’ve always wanted a ride in Santa’s sleigh…” __________________________
  3. “Let’s do our first number. It’s a big crowd pleaser.” _____________________
  4. “Where do cows go on vacation?” ____________________________________
  5. “It was a jolly good time!” ___________________________________________
  6. “I-am-lucky to be here.” ____________________________________________
  7. “Now for the talent show!” ___________________________________________
  8. “I hope so, too, it’s a mighty big barn!” _________________________________
  9. (Two non-speaking roles.) ___________________________________________
  10. “All of these shades of red will match fabulously!” ________________________
  11. “That’s why I’m afraid of next Thursday.” _____________________________

Cut off Answer Key:

1. e , 2. b, 3. h, 4. f, 5. i, 6. j, 7. c, 8. d, 9. k and l, 10. g, 11. a

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