Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Characters and Stage

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Characters and Costume Ideas

Note: When winter clothing is needed as a costume for outdoor scenes, light winter clothing is suggested so that cast members do not overheat.

Taylor Magee:
A shy girl who eventually discovers that she has leadership qualities. She wears regular clothing and pajamas in some scenes, and winter clothing in others.
Taylor’s Grandmother. She wears a wig, old-style clothing, and winter clothing.
Alyssa Krizan:
The Christmas talent show organizer. She may wear dressy clothes and winter clothing.
Mr. Magee:
Taylor’s dad and the owner of the barn. He requires cover-alls, farmer cap, work boots, and a winter coat.
Dean Turbo:
A boy whose passion is cars. He wears a ball cap turned backwards, regular clothing, and winter clothing.
Kris Ham :
A boy who loves to tell jokes. He wears outrageous looking clothes and winter clothing. Note: This role can also be played by a girl.
Marla Stewart:
A prim and proper girl who enjoys interior decorating. She wears red matching clothes and accessories, and red winter clothes.
Five Song Cows:
Cows living on the Magee’s farm, who secretly sing and speak. Children wear white sweat shirts and pants with black dots pinned on. Headbands with cow ears can be made out of durable paper. Sunglasses are required in scene five for the Song Cows and the Grade Two choir. Note: To simplify the dialogue of the cows in order to remember their parts, I have them speaking in order from Cow #1 to #5. You may vary this pattern if you like.
Santa requires a regular Santa suit, as well as a cast for his broken leg, made of rolled white Bristol board paper and large elastics to hold it in place.
Mr. I. M. Serious:
An animated talent show judge who takes his job very seriously. He wears formal clothing such as a suit jacket and tie. Note: A girl may play this role, as Miss I.M. Serious, and wear dressy woman’s clothing.
Miss U.R. Froze:
A non-speaking small role played by a child, or a cardboard prop or mannequin. A child may wear warm, layered clothing, and appear to look cold. If using a prop or mannequin, it is fun to dress it in a wig, warm clothes, and long black boots. Note: A boy may also play this role as Mr. U.R. Froze.
Two to eight reindeer:
These small non-speaking roles are played by children who pull Santa’s sleigh. They require reindeer ears/antlers (often available at Dollar Stores), a harness made of rope or ribbon, and brown sweat suits. Children in these roles can be included in a choir.
Nativity Scene Characters (optional):
Two or more narrators, (story may be read or referred to), Baby Jesus (doll), Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Angel, Shepherds, Sheep, Three Wise Men, Choir. More animals may be added if necessary.

Stage Setting

The Sunnyside Seniors’ Home and a barn in the rural town of Admiral, Saskatchewan (name may be changed).

* Stage right = Sunnyside Seniors’ Home
* Center stage = barn
* Stage left = corral

After the first scene the seniors’ home is taken down or pushed aside to create a larger barn.

Detailed description of setting and props are included in the teachers’ guide of the script.

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