Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Song Cow Sample

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Sample from Scene 2: Song Cows

Characters: Song Cows, Mr. Magee wearing a winter coat and hat, Kindergarten/Grade One choir (for large productions). The cows are cool, hip animals that sway in time as they talk and sing to one another. The cows stand throughout this scene.Cow #1: Hey Song Cows, are you in the mood for some moosic?

Cow #2: I love moosic!

Cow #3: Oh yah! I’m always in the mood to sing.

Cow #4: And dance!

Cow #5: We cows have got the mooves. (John Travolta Saturday Night Fever dance move.)

Cow #1: O.K. Let’s tune up our voices.

Cow #2: I’m ready.

Cow #3: It’s my turn to lead. Let’s start with a scale.

Cows: (Sing the scale using moos in opera voices.) Moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo!

Cow #4: That felt good. Now my pipes are warm.

Cow #5: Let’s do our first number. It’s a big crowd pleaser.

Cow #1: There’s no big crowd here. Let’s pretend its Hollywood!

Cow #2: Or the talent show!

Cow #3: If we sing loud enough, maybe Santa will hear us at the North Pole.

Cow #4: He’s the only human who understands the magic of us Song Cows!

Cow #5: Let’s dedicate this song to Santa!

All Cows: Yah! Let’s take it from the top.

(The littlest cow unlatches the corral gate and the cows tiptoe out to center stage.)


We’re Song Cows

Moo- we’re Song Cows! (rolling wrists and extending right hand out, then left, etc.)
Moo – we’re Song Cows!
Moo- we’re Song Cows!
Moo- we’re Song Cows!

Singin’ in the morning (stretch)
And singin’ at night. (head on hands as if sleeping)
We’re snazzy, jazzy Song Cows (swing arms and hips outward to the right, then left)
Making moo-sic sound right.

The farmer doesn’t know it, (shake head)
Thinks that we can only moo.
But keep our little secret (finger to lips)
For you know it isn’t true.

(additional stanzas in complete musical)

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