Ho-Ho-Helping Santa: Talent Show Excerpt

Ho-Ho-Helping Santa!

Sample of Scene Three: The Christmas Talent Show

Alyssa: Now for the talent show! Tonight our four participants, all here from Admiral Elementary School (Note: school name may be substituted), will share some unique talents. Not the usual music and dance routines! Participants, please stand and say hello when I call your name. (Pauses.) Taylor Magee.

Taylor: (Timid.) Hello.

Alyssa: Dean Turbo.

Dean: (Cool voice.) Yo, fans.

Alyssa: Marla Stewart.

Marla: (Answers in a very polite prim and proper manner.) Good evening.

Alyssa: And last, but not least, Kris Ham.

Kris: (Enthusiastically waves.) Howdy, everybody!

All: (chuckle)

Alyssa: Please give a warm welcome to our judges, Miss U. R. Froze and Mr. I. M Serious. (Note: Miss U.R. Froze is a mannequin, a cardboard prop, or a child pretending to be frozen silent.)

Mr. I. M. Serious: (Gives a formal wave.)

All: (Applause and laughter.)

Kris: (Points to judges, elbows Marla lightly and whispers loudly.) Hey, Marla, the judges look kind of stiff tonight.

Dean: (Snicker.)

Mr. I. M. Serious: (Stands from his chair and nods at the audience, then clears his throat. He speaks in a very formal voice.) My associate, Miss Froze, has asked me to do the commentary for the evening. She was out in the cold all weekend and has lost her voice.

Mr. Magee: (To Grandma.) Ooh, the strong silent type, just like my wife!

Mr. I. M. Serious: I, too, was outside in the wind on Saturday, so I –am- lucky to have my voice.

Kris: (Loud whisper.) I thought his name was Mr. I-am-Serious!

All: (Laugh.)

(Talent show continues.)

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