School Reviews of Ho-Ho-Helping Santa

What schools are saying about Ho-Ho-Helping Santa:

We have had no end of positive comments on our concert this
year. We adapted it to fit our small school enrollment. Thanks for your wonderful show. Do you have another one planned?
…Judy Myren – Pangman School

The musical was very cute and the students especially enjoyed
the upbeat songs. The script was one the students enjoyed- Santa theme, but had a good message about Christmas. We had very positive comments after our concert.
…C. Faris – Mossbank School.

I really liked the division of time in the lines of script for the students. Many students were involved equally–not just 2-3 main actors. We would definitely be interested if you made another
Christmas musical. Our entire school had so much fun with Ho-Ho-Helping Santa. The audience loved the farm scenes.
…Karen Hrycan; Bruno School

The script allowed us to add additional lines and characters. Very user friendly, easy to follow, and gave everyone in our school a
duty. Thanks.
…Val Ruf; Springside School

Our staff and students enjoyed this musical. Practice times were pleasant. The musical is complete and all suggestions that are
included are excellent. Thank you, Sandra. We look forward to and will certainly purchase your next musical.
…Judith I. Tabin; Dr. Isman Elementary School

We liked that it was Saskatchewan written and we could all relate. The song cows were a great hit.
…Nancy McCrea; North West Central School

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