Racing Home gets 3-1/2 stars in CM Review

Racing Home, by Adele Dueck
Racing Home, by Adele Dueck

Adele Dueck’s novel Racing Home received 31/2 out of 4 stars in a review from CM magazine. The reviewer said:

Adele Dueck’s latest novel, Racing Home, is a fascinating work of historical fiction that explores the unique experiences of early twentieth-century immigrants in Saskatchewan through the character of 12-year-old Erik Brekke…While the main appeal of the story is in the details of settlers’ lives and their incredible daily experiences, the story is successful as a novel because of the realistic characters through whose lives the reader learns about the history.

CM says the novel is Highly Recommended.

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Racing Home reviewed by Canadian Teacher Magazine

Racing Home, by Adele Dueck
Racing Home, by Adele Dueck

Canadian Teacher Magazine has this to say about Adele Dueck’s novel Racing Home:

Building a sod house, digging a well, breaking the sod, ploughing the fields, fishing and snaring rabbits to supplement the diet are all skills that the reader learns about as Erik and his family adjust to their new life. This book would well support the study of pioneer life on the prairies, immigration to Canada, and many other areas of the Social Studies curriculum at multiple grade levels.

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Full Steam to Canada! reviewed in Canadian Teacher Magazine

Full Steam to Canada, by Anne Patton
Full Steam to Canada, by Anne Patton

Anne Patton’s historical novel Full Steam to Canada! was reviewed in Canadian Teacher Magazine.

This is an excellent work of historical fiction…an in-depth account of boat and train travel at the turn of the century, as well as a great record of the hardships immigrants had to face when settling our great country…Dorothy ages little in her few months of travel, but she matures an immeasurable amount.

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Two 3-star CM reviews for Alison Lohans

CM Magazine has reviewed two of Alison Lohans’ recent books, Dog Alert and Germy Johnson’s Piano War.

About Germy Johnson:


Germy Johnson's Piano War, by Alison Lohans
Germy Johnson’s Piano War, by Alison Lohans

Germy Johnson’s Piano War is a fun story about a boy dealing with a less-than-ideal situation. J.J. is a little stubborn, very creative, and ultimately, he pushes through and accepts the lessons he has because he knows he is not a quitter. This book is a fairly fast read, at only 64 pages, and the quick nature of the plot makes this book great for reluctant readers or for a read aloud.

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About Dog Alert


Dog Alert, by Alison Lohans
Dog Alert, by Alison Lohans

 Zoe’s story is told directly; there is no stopping to muse upon the plot points that could be weighed down with “teachable moments” or life lessons. Great for new independent readers, the direct nature of the book is one of the major strengths of Dog Alert as Lohans seems to understand the need to allow readers the opportunity to form their own opinions rather than telling them what to take away from Zoe’s story.

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Racing Home

Racing Home, by Adele Dueck
Racing Home, by Adele Dueck

Author: Adele Dueck
Publisher: Coteau Books

Racing Home is now available from McNalley-RobinsonChapters-Indigo,,, Orca Books, and Coteau Books.

Twelve-year-old Erik never wanted to leave his grandfather’s farm, and the memory of his dead father, in Norway. But in Canada his family can have their own farm, so Erik, his mother, and his older sister Elsa journey to the Canadian west with Rolf, their mother’s new husband. Rolf is a hard man to talk to and even harder to get to know, and it seems that he’s keeping a secret from his new family. Erik helps Rolf break land and build a sod house for their family, and gets to know Rolf’s nephew, Olaf, who also immigrated, as they work together to save Tapper, an injured horse. Tapper gets well enough to be entered in a local horserace and turns out to be a real winner. “Tapper” is the Norwegian word for “brave,” and Erik really must be “tapper” to face all the challenges of his new life and be a winner himself.
Kirkus Reviews – April 1, 2011
“This tale draws its grace from the fine, detailed portrait of immigrants making their way in a new world.”
Booklist – April 15, 2011
“Dueck weaves information about prairie settlers in the early 1900s into vivid scenes of trapping, fishing, and working on the farm…Erik’s and Olaf’s personal situations and their ambivalence toward each other are well drawn and subtly contrasted. This Canadian novel dovetails neatly with American stories of pioneer life on the prairies.”
2011 OLA Best Bets for Children and Young Adults
“…a richly detailed and engrossing portrait of pioneer prairie life seen through a young boy’s eyes.”

Draco’s Child, Collapse of the Veil reviewed in Star Phoenix

Science fiction, fantasy capture interest of teens

“REGINA author Sharon Plumb offers a compelling read in Draco’s Child…”

“COLLAPSE of the Veil by prolific Regina author Alison Lohans…is unique in its development of a protagonist with authentic teen issues.”

This review article by Beverly Brenna was published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on January 15, 2011. Read the full article on the Star Phoenix website.

SPG Reviews Don’t Think Twice, by Alison Lohans

“Anyone who came of age during the turbulent 1960s will immediately relate to the novel Don’t Think Twice by prolific Saskatchewan author, Alison Lohans.”

So says Karen Lawson, reviewing the book for the Saskatchewan Publishers Group. She concludes the review with a word to the younger generation as well:

“This novel will … offer an eye opening, realistic view to young readers about an era that so profoundly impacted our society.”

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