Honouring the Buffalo, by Judith Silverthorne

Honouring the Buffalo, a Plains Cree Legend - by Judith Silverthorne
Honouring the Buffalo, a Plains Cree Legend – by Judith Silverthorne

Author: Judith Silverthorne
As told by: Ray Lavallee, Wisdom Keeper and Medicine Man of the Piapot First Nation
Illustrator: Mike Keepness
Publisher: Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing

48 pages


  • Includes Plains Cree translation (Y dialect)
  • Meets the curriculum outcomes for Grade 1-6 Social Studies and Language Arts; also ties in with teaching about treaties
  • Education guides, question and answer sheets, and student worksheets available.
  • For details, download the Honouring the Buffalo Information Sheet .

What’s Inside:

An estimated thirty to fifty million bison once thundered across the Great Plains and much of North America.

Honouring the Buffalo is the story of how the Buffalo gifted themselves so freely through the Creator to the Plains Cree people to help them survive. Discover how every part of the buffalo was used to provide shelter, food, clothing, tools, hunting, spiritual ceremonies and many other necessities.

For more details, worksheets and ordering information, see Judith’s website.

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