What If? Magazine reviews Draco’s Child

Draco's Child, by Sharon Plumb
Draco’s Child, by Sharon Plumb

“Sharon Plumb’s Draco Child is a powerful debut novel.”

So says Lin Wang in her book review for What If? Magazine. What If? has been publishing top quality teen poetry, fiction, reviews, photos and artwork since February 2003. Their mission is to publish a quality print magazine featuring excellent creative work from Canadians 19 years of age and under. Their website features fiction, reviews, and more.

Note in 2013: What If? magazine appears to have disappeared. But you can read more of Lin Wang’s review at Amazon.com.

One thought on “What If? Magazine reviews Draco’s Child

  1. Just finished Draco’s Child (picked it up at Prairie Horizons). I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but I enjoyed the layers in this, the imaginative world-building, and all the intense sensory detail. I kept seeing it like a movie because of the vivid descriptions. The writing is also very good. Ex. from p. 132 “She hadn’t realized how heavy her secret was until Sidran held half of it.” Highly recommended.

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