Song Lei in a New Land

Song Lei in a New Land, by Anne Patton
Song Lei in a New Land, by Anne Patton

Author: Anne Patton
Illustrator: Cathy Peng
Scholastic Literary Place for the Early Years, 2006

This book picks up where The Flight of the Little Swallow left off. Some old friends have welcomed Song Lei and her parents to Canada, but everything else is new: new home, new school, new ways of doing things. Song Lei even has a new English name–Lily. And she has a new “big brother.” Ling Wei has been in Canada for a few years already. He’ll help her get used to all these new Canadian things. Won’t he?

This book is available only to schools as part of a complete Grade 3 classroom set or in guided reading packages of six books. Each package comes with a teacher’s guide.

Order from Scholastic Canada. Click on “Education” on the left sidebar, then type the book title into the search bar.

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