Snocross, by Linda Aksomitis

Snocross, by Linda Aksomitis

High school student, Shawn Riggs, wants just two things in life–to be part of the popular crowd in high school and to become the next snocross national junior race champion with his snowmobile. When he heads off to the season opener race event in Duluth, he finds himself stuck in a situation that could wipe the chances for both right off the map.

He’s just moved in with Dad’s new family to switch from the Canadian Snowcross circuits to the World Power Sports Association (WPSA) events in the US. So, he’s starting over making friends in a new school and it’s far from easy. Peer pressure or not, when local football jock, Cole Ackerman, handed around bottles of beer and challenged everyone to chug them down, he couldn’t say no.

Then, Ackerman gets himself and his dad invited along to Duluth. Plus, Dad agrees to stop in Winnipeg to pick up Jacqui Deville, the girl who beat him out of last year’s season high point awards, and her snowmobile. In this coming of age book, Shawn is faced with some tough decisions both on and off the race track.

The action is non-stop in Duluth with lots of snowmobiling in this extreme winter sports young adult book. A 90-minute short reads book, this fast paced novel takes readers of all ages behind the scenes at a WPSA snocross race, including photos from the actual Duluth season opener for the 2005-2006 season.

Snocross is a perfect young adult book for boys looking for a page turner book that’s high interest low vocabulary.

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The Lion and the Mouse, by Linda Aksomitis

Cover of The Lion and the Mouse

When the circus comes to Gopher Gulch, Mouse thinks it might be a good home. Lion, however, wants to escape from his cage in the circus to be free. When the circus tent blows away in the tornado, Lion gets his wish, at least for the time being. Mouse, however, is left looking for another place to make her home and soon runs into Lion where he’s hiding in the Magic Forest.

Will the brave little mouse keep her freedom? And if she does, will she ever be able to repay Lion for letting her go? Will Lion be caught with all the other animals, so he has to return to the circus? Or will he find a new home too?

Based on the Aesop’s Fable, The Lion and the Mouse, this chapter book fable retelling takes beginner readers into the old west when circuses first began. If you’re looking for children’s books on values, you’ll find its themes of kindness, and helping, inspire young readers.

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Take Me With You, by Gillian Richardson

Take My With You cover

A gift of friendship brings unexpected rewards.

As a young hummingbird delays facing his first migration south, he comes across a timid wood mouse fleeing a gang of cats. Humm rejects Nothing’s plea to carry him away, but offers to guide the mouse overland to safety. Their unlikely friendship becomes a test of courage as they discover how to help each other. With the cats in hot pursuit, they must trust another new friend to make their final watery escape possible. Humm gains the confidence needed for his solo migration. Nothing has a safe new home. Both know they would never have made it without the other. Travel with these spirited animal characters in this chapter book adventure for ages 6-8.

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Kraamlok, by Sharon Plumb

Kraamlok, by Sharon Plumb.
Cover art by Jolyn Michaelis

The Eye shall be Blood, the sun shall be Bone, and dragons shall pass from the world. For it comes, it comes, the kraamlok comes…

Dragon seer Tondoor was hatched for only one purpose: to ask the starry dragon god, Morwaka, for a way of escape from his tribe’s prophecy of doom from the sky. But Morwaka isn’t speaking to him. Doesn’t he want to save the dragons?

As rebellion brews around him and his arch-rival tries to steal his dragon love’s heart, Tondoor learns that the answer he seeks might lie with a lunatic dragon lost somewhere in the other five corners of the world. Can Tondoor succeed in his quest to save the dragons he loves — and survive the ones he doesn’t — before the kraamlok destroys their world?

Dragons and more dragons in variety of cultures, a pristine planet with surprising links to our own, plenty of lore and legends, politics and culture, a bumbling starry extra-terrestrial, and a sweeping epic fantasy quest. Perfect for readers of any age who want an exciting dragon saga with lots of twists and surprises. Includes Book Club discussion questions.

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