Trial by Winter (Barr Colony Adventure #3), by Anne Patton

Trial by Winter, by Anne Patton
Trial by Winter, by Anne Patton

Author: Anne Patton
Publisher: Coteau Books

In this third installment of the Barr Colony Adventures, Dorothy and her family are living in a sod hut on a homestead near what is now Lloydminster. They have crossed an ocean by ship, a continent by train, and a prairie by horse-drawn cart. But they have no idea how harsh a prairie winter can be. When Dorothy’s Dad goes to Edmonton to work for the winter and her brother Frank away in Battleford to buy supplies, Dorothy, Lydia and Mam must fend for themselves in the winter storm. If only their sod house wasn’t letting in so much of the cold…

Based on a true story, this book is a riveting ending to the Bolton family’s adventures on the Saskatchewan prairies.

The previous books in this series were Full Steam to Canada and Through Flood and Fire.

Full Steam to Canada, by Anne Patton
Full Steam to Canada, by Anne Patton
Through Flood and Fire, by Anne Patton

For more about Dorothy and her previous adventures, see the Barr Colony Adventures website.

Available now! For where to buy, see the Coteau Books website.

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