10 Routes That Crossed the World, by Gillian Richardson

10 Routes that Crossed the World, by Gillian Richardson
10 Routes that Crossed the World, by Gillian Richardson

Author: Gillian Richardson
Illustrator: Kim Rosen
Publisher: Annick Press
ISBN: 978-1-55451-875-3 (softcover), 978-1-55451-876-0 (hardcover)

Also available as an e-book!

What it’s about:

People have always blazed trails across the land. They’ve followed them in search of power, riches, adventure, or simply a better life.

In these ten globe-spanning stories, you’ll walk beside the first people who crossed Beringia into America, and follow wild animals across the Serengeti migration route. You’ll navigate the cobbled network of British Roman roads and the engineering marvel of the Inca roads, which allowed empires to flourish. Meet the pioneers that raced for gold on the icy Chilcoot Trail, faithful pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, Russian prisoners who built the trans-Siberian railway, and hopeful Americans flocking west on Route 66. If you dare, venture through the Khyber Pass and Ho Chi Minh Trail, pathways for wars and invasions.

Pack your bags for a surprising journey along the routes that have shaped our world today.

Read a 4* Review from CM.

As with its companions in the series, 10 Routes that Changed the World informs and also instils more wonder (and sometimes sorrow) at the world around us, and is indeed, as Richardson’s dedication hopes it would be, a book for those who blaze trails, and for the curious who follow them.  Highly Recommended.


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