Convictions, by Judith Silverthorne

Convictions, by Judith Silverthorne
Convictions, by Judith Silverthorne

Author: Judith Silverthorne

Publisher: Coteau Books

Set in 1842 aboard  a convict ship for convicted female prisoners, Convictions follows the story of Jennie, a teenage girl convicted for stealing a loaf of moldy bread from a garbage bin. Now she finds herself heading to Australia with no hope of ever seeing her family again.

Meticulously researched and true to the time, this is Judith’s 8th book with Coteau.

Winner of the 2016 Gold Moonbeam Award in YA Fiction-Historical/Cultural Category, and the 2018 Gold Human Relations Indie Book Award in the Pre-teen/Teen category.


Read more at Judith’s website.

Buy a copy.

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