Grade 6 Curriculum Tie-ins for This Land We Call Home

Grade 6 curriculum contexts (pp. 278-280 in the curriculum guide)


In this context, students are looking inward and focusing on self-image and self-esteem. They reflect on self and life, on their beliefs and values and those of society.


In this context, students look outward and examine their relationships with others, their community, and that of the world. They also can consider the historical context.


In this context, students consider the role of communication in their lives and the ideas and technology that help people become effective communicators.

GROWING UP (personal & philosophical) – Ken and Paula are both emerging from childhood, and are expected to take more responsibility in their family contexts. The extreme conditions of World War II cause both young people to examine their roles and actions more carefully in determining future directions they might take.

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS (personal & philosophical; social, cultural & historical; communicative) – World events related through the news (often distorted by prejudice and rumour) have irrevocable impact on the lives of both Paula and Ken. Each must come to grips with very difficult situations in their family and cultural contexts, and learn to take positive steps as they try to help make a difference.

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