3 thoughts on “No Place for Kids

  1. Hi, Jolene –

    Sisters Sarah and Jen are on the run. After their mom died, their dad started drinking and his problem has grown so bad now they no longer even have a place to live. They want to get from Winnipeg to Vancounver, where their aunt lives – but they don’t know her address or phone number. Because the girls have been doing odd jobs now and then, they’ve been able to save up a bit of cash, which they spend on bus tickets. But they only have enough to get to Regina. On the way, bossy Jennifer gets sick – and so it’s up to Sarah to make some decisions about how they can survive in Regina, on their own, until they’re able to buy more bus tickets to get them the rest of the way.

    I originally wrote this book after I wrote Mystery of the Lunchbox Criminal, where two runaways hiding in a school mess things up badly for J.J. and his friends.

    Thanks for asking!


    1. ‘ best book ever ‘ legit is my favorite book ever , where have this book been my whole life (: im in love make a part 2 like asap . please legit i love it !!

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