Longhorns and Outlaws

Longhorns and Outlaws, by Linda Aksomitis
Longhorns and Outlaws, by Linda Aksomitis

Author: Linda Aksomitis
Publisher: Coteau Books, 2008

Lucas Vogel is new to the west, new to horses, new to pretty much everything to do with cowboys. Outlaws, however, are another story. He’s been a Pinkerton-agent-in-training, learning everything he can about outlaws, since he arrived in Texas three years ago. Now in the wild buttes of Montana and Saskatchewan’s Big Muddy, Lucas finds real outlaws and real dangers when he runs into the Sundance Kid and his gang. But will anyone believe him?

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One of the Year’s Best for 2008 in Resource Links, with a rating of E (Excellent).
See another review fromCM Magazine

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