Kaboom! by Gillian Richardson
Kaboom! by Gillian Richardson

Author: Gillian Richardson
Publisher:Annick Press, 2009

Find out about everything that explodes in this new release from Annick Press.

“…deserves to be read for general interest as well as educative purposes; it is truly a blast.”…Resource Links, December 2009.

“…an engrossing attention-getter, effectively tapping the sensationalism of all types of blasts.”…School Library Journal, 12/1/2009.

“Packed with information… Fun for browsing and useful for the odd report.”…Booklist 12/1/2009, Vol. 106 Issue 7, p57, 1p

A 2010 “Best Book For Children and Teens” in the nonfiction category from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Read a review in CM Magazine.

Download Kaboom Curriculum Links .

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