Dancing in My Bones

Dancing in My Bones, by Anne Patton and Wilfred Burton
Dancing in my Bones, by Anne and Wilfred

Authors: Anne Patton and Wilfred Burton
Illustrator: Sherry Farrell Racette
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute, 2007

Dancing in My Bones, the sequel to the highly successful book Fiddle Dancer, returns us to the story of a young Metis boy named Nolin, as he continues to discover his Metis heritage. Dancing in My Bones will take you on a journey to discover Moushoom’s first moose hunt, red lipstick kisses, Uncle Bunny’s fiddling, and the return of the “Bannock Jig”. But most importantly, by the end of the story, you might feel like you have dancing in your bones!

Winner of three 2009 Saskatchewan Book Awards (Award for Publishing, First Peoples’ Publishing Award, First Peoples’ Writing Award)

Order from The Gabriel Dumont Institute.

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