Anne Patton and the Salmon

WetSuit close-up 200HIn October 2008, I swam with the salmon down the Campbell River in northern Vancouver Island. Actually, the salmon were swimming upriver while the current rushed me toward the ocean. Feeling snug in my thick wet suit, I lay on top of the water. Through waterproof goggles, I watched salmon darting out of the way and rocks blurring past. Every time I sucked in a breath, my snorkel made a hoarse, rattling sound like Darth Vader. After I crawled out on the beach, the driver of the shuttle van said “Do you want to go again?” “Yes, yes yes!” On the second run I was much more relaxed. I trusted my snorkel and I trusted the river. Arms stretched in front of me, I flew along the surface of the river. I felt like Superman.

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