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1995 – Children’s Writing Conference

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1995 Alberta-Saskatchewan Children’s Writing Conference at Jackfish Lake


A blast from the past!

This is a photo of the participants at the first Alberta-Saskatchewan Children’s Writing Conference in 1995. It was held at Jackfish Lake, and is the forerunner of the CANSCAIP Prairie Horizons conferences that now take place every two years at Lumsden. (Both places are in Saskatchewan.)

Who are these mystery people? We’ve identified some of them, but if you know others, please leave a comment below. Click on the photo for a larger view.

The people we have identified:

Back row:

Theresa Heuchert, Gillian Richardson, ?, Bev Watson, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Sue Bland, ?, ?, ?, Merle Harris, Mary Woodbury, Irene Morck, Myrna Guymer

Front row:

?, Dave Glaze, Dianne Young, Alison Lohans, Joyce Henderson, ?, ?, Jacolyn Caton, Betty (Dorion) Fitzpatrick