Dinosaur Adventure Series, by Judith Silverthorne

Book 1 in the Dinosaur Adventure Series

What good is a bunch of old bones?

Daniel lives in southwestern Saskatchewan along the Montana border, land rich in fossils from the prehistoric past. Dinosaur country. Daniel loves nothing more than fossil hunting. He even dreams about dinosaurs.

But his dad wants him to take more interest in his chores. The farm is in financial trouble, and he doesn’t think a bunch of old bones is going to help.

Then, at his secret hideout, a hollowed-out cave in the hillside, Daniel makes an exciting find. A fossil never before seen in the area, proves to him he’s on the right track to find bigger dinosaur bones. But he has to watch out for Pederson, the scary old guy who lives on the neighbouring land. He also has to be on the look out for Pederson’s enormous dog.

What is Pederson hiding in his old shack? Why is he trying to scare Daniel away from the fossils?

Book 2 in the Dinosaur Adventure Series

In Dinosaur Hideout, Daniel and Pederson, a reclusive paleontologist living on a neighbouring farm in southwestern Saskatchewan, made a brilliant discovery–the fossil remains of an Edmontosaurus dinosaur. Now, local bullies Todd and Craig Nelwin, jealous of all the attention Daniel gets, want to find his hideout and wreck it. When the three scuffle and Daniel hits his head, he mysteriously time travels into the world of Cretaceous dinosaurs – Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex.When another strange shock brings him back to his own time, Daniel at first doesn’t realize that he carries a small piece of the past. Whenever he touches it, he will return to the dinosaurs’ world. Daniel makes two more unplanned but thrilling trips to the past. He sees the most marvellous, and horrifying, sights and makes new discoveries about dinosaurs. On a final trip, Daniel has two unwilling “hitchhikers” with him–the Nelwins. Daniel isn’t the only one who learns from their sudden shared adventure.

Book 3 in the Dinosaur Adventure Series

Following the adventures of Dinosaur Hideout and Dinosaur Breakout, twelve-year-old Daniel Bringham once again travels back to the time of dinosaurs to learn more about the prehistoric creatures he loves. This time he has an unexpected companion. In Dinosaur Hideout, Daniel and his neighbour, Ole Pederson, made a brilliant discovery: the fossil remains of a dinosaur, an Edmontosaurus they called Marianna. In Dinosaur Breakout, Daniel had an even more amazing adventure. Now, in Dinosaur Stakeout, Daniel decides to travel to the past one more time. He wants to find out if a dying female dinosaur he saw on his last trip is Marianna, the fossil he and Pederson found in Book One. Daniel figures to go alone, but he’s figured without Pederson and his friend Mildred Roost, another palaeontologist. Mildred insists on coming with him and Daniel thinks it’ll wreck everything. An old lady will just slow him down, and if she gets killed, he’ll blame himself. But he’s reckoned without a tough old bird with lots of tricks up her sleeve, tricks that could save both their lives.

Book 4 in the Dinosaur Adventure Series

Daniel has traveled to prehistoric times and seen the dinosaurs up close, but he’s promised his old friend Ole Pederson not to try it again because it’s just too dangerous. What would they tell his parents if Daniel never came back?But his friends Ole Pederson and Mildred Roost, experts on dinosaurs, secretly plan to go instead. For them, the trip will be the thrill of a lifetime, seeing up close the colossal creatures they’ve spent a lifetime studying. Deep down Daniel knows that they accept the risks: they could even die on their journey, deep in the past.When they don’t come back on time, Daniel faces a dilemma. Should he keep his promise, or should he go back and help them?Who could have guessed they’d end up in the time of the dinosaurs’ final extinction? That they’d see sights more amazing and terrible than they could ever have imagined.

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Little Red Riding Hood, by Linda Aksomitis

In this easy adventure book, Little Red Riding Hood loves to be helpful. So, even though there’s a wolf in the magic forest, she agrees to cross it to take some things to Graany.

But then, she meets a stranger–could he be the wolf disguised in a cowboy hat?

You’ll find girls and women who know how to take care of themselves in this fairy tale beginner reader fantasy book for children. And the wolf, well, you may discover there’s another side to the fiendish villain now that he lives in the Magic Forest! Indeed, this Red Riding Hood chapter book fairy tale, retold by a teacher librarian, gives you a new old west folktale spin on the well loved classic short story that’s a great read aloud fairy tale for families to share.

If you’re looking for beginner reader adventures, with just the right amount of tension to keep young readers guessing, this retelling of the traditional Grimm’s fairy tale is perfect.

This is Book #1 in Linda’s Magic Forest Adventures series.

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