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Myrna Guymer

Myrna Guymer

Myrna Guymer

Myrna lives in a log cabin in Denare Beach, Saskatchewan, and divides each year among the Canadian shield, a large family, and the magnificence of Mexico. She has a life-long love of nature, travel and history that fills her writing. A regular writer for North Roots magazine, she is also working on two novels. An excerpt from one of them was published in 2014 in The Mazatlan Review, a small publication featuring writers from the Mazatlan, Mexico Writers’ Group.

When Myrna began traveling — by foot, canoe and airplane — through the Canadian Shield, she realized the vastness and beauty of the area where she was born and lived. She wanted to share it, especially with the children of her seven daughters and two step-children. Soon, she wanted to tell the world — young and old — about the best place on earth to be — in the Canadian Shield where she finds adventure, tranquility, and unmatched beauty.

She has been a Robin since 1989.

Myrna is the author of The Canadian Shield Alphabet.

Visit Myrna at The Saskatchewan Writers Guild.

Contact Myrna at .

The Canadian Shield Alphabet, by Myrna Guymer

The Canadian Shield Alphabet, by Myrna Guymer

4 comments on “Myrna Guymer

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  3. HI Myrna– Congratulations in your published book. I’m still writing and working on a series of eleven Y/A books.
    How is the rest of the member of the Round Robin?

  4. Mike Reader
    February 12, 2019

    It has been a long time. I remember the times when you came to visit Dad. Maybe we will meet again.

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