Saskatchewan Children's Writers' Round Robin


The Saskatchewan Children’s Writers’ Round Robin started in 1984 with six members. It has grown to 12 members, spread across provinces, and nurtured stories, poems, plays, and more. Here are some photos from various years.

Robins in Moose Jaw 2009

The Robins inside the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw, October 2009. We were given a private tour of this historic building.

Back row: Sheena Koops, Sandra Lynn Davis, Alison Lohans, Sharon Plumb Hamilton

Middle Row: Judith Benson, Paula Jane Remlinger, Anne Patton, Dianne Young, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet

Front Row: Myrna Guymer, Adele Dueck, Gillian Richardson, Linda Aksomitis


Robins at Riverhurst, 2009

Robins at Riverhurst, 2009

This photo shows us at Riverhurst, near Saskatchewan’s Diefenbaker Lake in April 2008.

Back: Sandra Davis, Judith Benson, Dianne Young, Adele Dueck, Gillian Richardson, Myrna Guymer

Middle: Paula Jane Remlinger, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Anne Patton

Front: Sharon Plumb Hamilton, Alison Lohans, Linda Aksomitis

Missing: Sheena Koops

Robins in Grasslands National Park, April 2007

Robins in Grasslands National Park, April 2007

Here we are in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, at the site of a historic farm.

Back row: Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Alison Lohans, Sharon Plumb, Gillian Richardson, Judith Benson, Sheena Koops

Front row: Adele Dueck, Betty Fitzpatrick, Anne Patton, Linda Aksomitis, Myrna Guymer

Missing: Sandra Davis


Robins in 1993 (we think)

Robins in 1993 (we think)

This one goes way back to 1993…probably.

Back row (standing): Myrna Guymer*, Bessie Brekke, Dianne Young*, Alison Lohans*, Pat Armstrong, Gillian Richarson*

Front Row (seated): Shirley Byers, Judith Silverthorne*, Lucille Walters, Adele Dueck*

The starred names are still in the group as of 2012–that’s 19 years later! (Judith was gone for a while, and re-joined in 2012.)



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